Hand Stitched Card Wallet Workshop


This workshop is designed for those with no previous experience in hand stitching or for those who are looking for tips and hits on perfecting their stitching.

Leathercrafting just like any other skill, requires not only practise but also the correct techniques upon which to properly build those skills.

  • You will learn the traditional leather saddle stitch.
  • Preparation of leather
  • Use of an awl threading needles.
  • What threads to use
  • Use of pricking irons
  • Edge Finishing
  • Burnishing edges

You will be guided on what tools are required and the correct techniques of how to use these tools, how to prepare the leather and thread, mark stitches correctly, and how to finish edges by bevelling, burnishing and using new edge finishing products.

A selection of different coloured light weight Kangaroo leather Card Wallet kits will be provided for you to select from:

The workshops fee includes your projects, and the use of the tools and equipment