We’d Like To Share Some Tips So You Can Get The Best Results When Colouring Leather.Want to give your leather products the “wow” factor? Our leather dyes will help your leather goods stand out from the rest. We’ve worked hand-in-hand with the Australian leather craft industry for decades; and here, we’d like to share some of our simple tips for colouring leather.


Dying leather is a satisfying process, but first, you have to select a quality leather dye. East Coast Leather has recently collaborated with COBBLESTONE to bring you a Queensland-made leather dye that’s received rave reviews from the industry. 

These dyes produce consistent, quality colours and are available in an array of hues including golden yellow, violet, bright red, blue, green, ochure and jet black.


  1. Make sure your workspace is clean and well ventilated. Cover your bench to ensure it stays protected during the dying process. Gather up your supplies including rubber gloves, damp sponge or sheep fleece, clean cloths, leather dye, leather conditioner and, of course, your genuine leather.
  2. Lay out your leather on your protected bench, remembering to cover any existing hardware prior to applying leather dye.
  3. Mix the leather dye well before use to ensure a consistent application.
  4. Put on your gloves and begin to apply the leather dye. Choose a damp sponge or sheep fleece as the applicator and work the dye in a circular motion, until the area is completely covered.
  5. Now it’s time to remove the excess leather dye. Grab your clean cloth and gently remove all the dye. Allow the leather to dry.
  6. Select another clean cloth and buff the dry leather.
  7. Apply leather sealer to keep your leather in the best possible condition.

Dying leather can be a an artform, so don’t lose patience if you don’t master it the first few times. In fact, with a little practice it can become an addictive hobby!

East Coast Leather proudly supports local craftspeople and leather artisans across Queensland and Australia with our affordable range of leather supplies. Drop into The Leather Shed at Mount Cotton — or call us on 07 3206 4667 — or if you’d like some more helpful tips on colouring leather.