Here are some of our favourite ways to use this incredibly versatile product. 


1 .   L E A T H E R   S T R A P   S H E L V E S

Leather Strap Shelves via www.goinghometoroost.com

// Think the full leather strap shelves are too much?
Here's a perfect alternative. Tutorial by Going Home to Roost //

2 .   L E A T H E R   S T R A P   H A N G I N G   P L A N T E R

DIY Leather Hanging Planter via Vintage Revivals

// How great is this DIY Leather Strap Planters for your budding cactus
garden using any size or shaped pot, bowl or vessel by Vintage Revivals //

3 .   S I M P L E   B A G   S T R A P S

Building Block Convertible backpack & purse

// The options here are endless when it comes to using our Belt Offcuts
in your bags. Here's a simple leather bag tutorial by Between the Lines //

Image courtesy of Building Block.

4 .   A   Q U I C K   &   S T U R D Y   D R A W S T R I N G

Saddleback Leather Co.

// Belt Offcuts are perfect to use as a quick and sturdy drawstring in
your bucket bag or backpack. 
Here's a How-To video by The Sorry Girls //

Image courtesy of Saddleback Leather. 

5 .   L E A T H E R   C O I L   O R   W O V E N   B A S K E T S

DIY Rope Coil Vessels by We Are Scout

// Why not replace rope with our chunky strap offcuts, just splice
to join each piece as you go! Here's a tutorial by We are Scout //

6 .   A D D   S O M E   L E A T H E R   T O   Y O U R   W O V E N   R U G

DIY Woven Rug by A Beautiful Mess

// Bring fresh life to this traditional skill by adding some
leather to your next circle mat or woven rug! //

7 .   O R   T O   Y O U R    W A L L   T A P E S T R Y

Greta Serra leather wall tapestry

 // Take inspiration from nature, combining wool, cotton and 
vegetable tanned leather in your wallhanging weavings //

image courtesy of Greta Serra

8 .   W O V E N   L E A T H E R   S T O O L

DIY Woven Leather Stool by One Fine Pine


// Give an old chair or stool a makeover, or make your own
frame as well! There are so many ways to weave your seat;
here's how One Fine Pine did it //


L E T   U S   K N O W 
What would you create using our Belt Length Offcuts?