We've just had a new shipment of our leather upholstery offcuts arrive in store and we've been inspired! It's amazing what you can do with all those bits and pieces of all shapes and sizes. We think it's a great way to recycle top quality leathers in new and exciting ways. 

So here are some DIY projects using scrap leather from around the web to get you inspired too.


1 .   G E O M E T R I C   P E N D A N T   N E C K L A C E

Boo and Boo Leather Necklace // The Leather Shed Blog

 // Turn scrap materials into gorgeous pendants like this one. Check 
out the tutorial by Brit + Co. here and let your imagination run wild //


2.   C U T   O U T   B I B   N E C K L A C E



BooandBooFactory Leather Necklace | The Leather Shed Blog

// X-acto knives at the ready! Create your own gorgeous laser-cut necklace
or bracelet like this one by Christina Anton (Boo and Boo Factory) //

Get the tutorial and free template at A Nest For All Seasons.


3.   L E A T H E R    H A I R    B O W S

 Leather Hair Bows // The Leather Shed Blog

 // Add a touch of sweetness to your outfit with adorable leather bows
like these. Here's one quick and easy tutorial by Mom Spark //


4.   T A S S E L   S A N D A L S

DIY Leather Tassels // The Leather Shed Blog

 // We love tassels. You can put them on anything and 
completely transform it! Slide them onto strappy heels like in this tutorial
to make them the ultimate, interchangeable accessory //

5.   E A R P H O N E   H O L D E R    ( C O R D    T A C O S )

Handmade Leather Cord Taco // The Leather Shed Blog

//  Do you own a laptop? Phone? Tablet? Simplify and 
your life with these appropriately names Cord Tacos.
Find out how it's done here or here //

Image courtesy of Coco and Mingo



//   B O N U S   //

T H E   E N V E L O P E   C O I N   P U R S E


// For larger pieces, you can complete this no-sew coin purse in no time with
this simple how-to by Alice and Lois. We'd just add in one more step to take it
next level, and finish the edges before assembling // 


So there you have it. We hope you've been inspired get creating! Now all that's left
to do is to grab some of our leather upholstery offcuts before they're all gone.  


 PS. Can we just talk about how gorgeous those necklaces from project ideas 1. and 2. are for a second?

Boo and Boo Factory | The Leather Shed BlogBoo and Boo Factory | The Leather Shed BlogBoo and Boo Factory | The Leather Shed Blog

Christina Anton of Boo and Boo Factory's playful way of creating itty-bitty leather treasures
is so fun! We're going nuts over her fruit salad necklaces, gold tassel banana earrings and painted
leather coin purses. Head to for even more colourful inspiration.